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Northeast Ford Focus Series - July 20, 2005

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Top Ten - Seekonk Speedway Feature (25 laps) - 7/20/05
1. #05-Jeff Abold, Pennellville, NY
2. #78-Nick Wean, Milford, NJ
3. #70-Brit Andersen, Branford, CT
4. #8-Aaron Wall, Shrewsbury, MA
5. #24-Mike Sboro, Mooresville, NC
6. #20-Stephanie Stevens, Phillipsburg, NJ
7. #38-Ryan Osborne, Milford, NJ
8. #00-Ginny Quinones, Penargyl, PA
9. #26-Shaun Gosselin, Oswego, NY
10. #18-Jesse State, New Hyde Park, NY

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Pennellville, NY’s Jeff Abold passed Nick Wean eight circuits into the 25-lap USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series feature and held off defending race winner Brit Andersen to capture the tour’s second event at the 1/3-mile Bay State oval.

Seventeen of the 178-horswepower open wheel machines from as far as North Carolina turned out for the event, with Milford, NJ’s Wean talking the initial lead from the pole. Mike Sboro settled into second in the opening laps with Abold third and Andersen quickly assuming fourth.

Abold took second on lap 6 and assumed the lead two go-arounds later. Andersen took second on lap 9, but was unable to do anything with Abold. Wean took second in the final laps and finished in the bridesmaid’s spot, ahead of Andersen, Aaron Wall, and Mike Sboro.

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Northeast Ford Focus Series - Oct. 2, 2005

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Seekonk Speedway Feature (25 laps) - 10/2/05

In the 10/2 Seekonk Speedway USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series 25-lap feature, 16-year old hotshoe Brit Andersen of Branford, CT continued his winning ways, going pole to checker to post his third win in four starts at Seekonk this season. Andersen withstood four cautions to chalk up another victory in convincing fashion. Dana Messier and Jeff Abold finished second and third in the 17-car event.
USAC NFFS Feature (25 laps) - Seekonk 10/2
1. #70-Brit Andersen, Branford, CT
2. #4-Dana Messier, Pomfret Center, CT
3. #05-Jeff Abold, Pennellville, NY
4. #8-Aaron Wall, Shrewsbury, MA
5. #78-Nick Wean, Milford, NJ
6. #24-Mike Sboro, Mooresville, NC
7. #29-Randy Cabral, Plymouth, MA
8. #38-Ryan Osborne, Milford, NJ
9. #15-Wade Matteson, Tolland, CT
10. #7-P. J. Stergios, Candia, NH
11. #28-Abby Martino, Norfolk, MA
12. #26-Shaun Gosselin, Oswego, NY
13. #18-Jesse State, New Hyde Park, NY
14. #00-Ginny Quinones, Penargyl, PA
15. #81-Andy Barrows, Ashby, MA
16. #20-Stephanie Stevens, Phillipsburg, NJ
17. #6W-Adam Fusco, Auburn, NY
USAC NFFS Heat 2 (8 laps) - Seekonk 10/1
1. #8-Aaron Wall, Shrewsbury, MA
2. #78-Nick Wean, Milford, NJ
3. #18-Jesse State, New Hyde Park, NY
4. #38-Ryan Osborne, Milford, NJ
5. #15-Wade Matteson, Tolland, CT
6. #81-Andy Barrows, Ashby, MA
7. #00-Ginny Quinones, Penargyl, PA
8. #6W-Adam Fusco, Auburn, NY