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William received the
Ed Clotheir Rookie of the Year Award
for the NEMA 2008 season with a
7th place finish in the Drivers Points.

William with NEMA President Mike Scrivani

NEMA Banquet Story and Pix HERE

New England
Outdoor Furnace

2008 Fall Challenge

"Open Wheel Sunday"

Sunday, Oct. 26th

On the 3/8 Twin State oval for the first time, William
records a 6th place finish - his sixth of the season.
The 2008 NEMA Boxscore shows three Top 5s and
thirteen Top 10s for a very solid season.
William and the #5 place 7th in both the Drivers and
the Owners 2008 Points Standings

Aaron was away at college and did not race.

Thompson World Series - October 19, 2008

A 6th for William in a fine run at the big 5/8 mile oval
where the air-cooled VW is not at its best.
Aaron was away at college and did not race.

October 12, 2008

A 5th for William and a 13th for Aaron.

Waterford Speedbowl - Waterford, CT
The Finale - October 5, 2008

A 10th for William and a 25th for Aaron.

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME
PASS 400 Weekend - September 20, 2008


A 9th for Aaron and an 18th for William
after running short of fuel.



August 30, 2008

A 4th for William in the #5 after starting on the pole and an 11th for Aaron in the #99 after starting from 15th.

Waterford Speedbowl - Waterford, CT
August 16, 2008

A 5th for William in the #5. From his 3rd place starting spot, William
got going a bit ahead of the green flag and pulled to the inside in four and took the lead. At the yellow on lap 11, the #5 was put back to fifth on the restart. William had a nice battle with the top runners and another solid finish.

Aaron was down in Florida so the #99 had Lou Cicconi for a driver and a 20th place/DNF, stopping right at the beginning of the race.

Seekonk Speedway - Seekonk, MA
August 9, 2008

A 6th for William in the #5 and a 15th for Aaron in the #99.
In the time trials, 7th for William and 19th for Aaron.

Waterford Speedbowl - Waterford, CT
August 2, 2008

A 6th for William in the #5 and a 10th for Aaron in the #99.

Monadnock Speedway - Winchester, NH
July 26, 2008

A 7th for Williams in the #5 and a 9th for Aaron in the #99.
A nice quick show for the NEMA midgets plus the entire race evening ran from 6:00 to 9:10 - just beating the lightening and rain. The NEMA race did have a 5 minute break for just a few raindrops at lap three where all the cars pulled down into the infield to wait - pix above.
The Power Point Racing crew of Aaron's #99 finally traced the engine problems of the last couple of races to the fuel filter. A fresh one and the motor was back to running strongly and Aaron was able to race at full speed during the feature.
William did some dicing with Mike Keeler, the new pilot of the #63 Seaman car, and Jeff Horn in his #A1 - and finished between them.


A 12th for William and an 27th/DNF for Aaron. 27 full NEMA Midgets
signed in for the special Wednesday show that Seekonk Speedway has now run for four years.

Right from the start the Aaron's #99 wouldn't run right and attempts to sort out the problem continued after every practice session and the heat. In the feature the #99 again refused to perform and Aaron pulled into to infield to be scored as the first car out of the race.

Wednesday was a hot night where grip on the track was tough to get, and most of the top placed drivers in the points standings finished many spots below their normal places. William fought the handling of the #5 and scored a 12th, right in the middle of the 24 cars running at the checkers.

Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
July 8, 2008

A 10th for William and an 18th/DNF for Aaron.

Monadnock Speedway - Winchester, NH
May 24, 2008

In a long drawn out race marred by 14 cautions that caused many of the cars to run short of fuel, William posted a 6th place finish after starting from 16th.

After several attempts to get past lap two of the twenty-five lapper on a 1/4 oval that is perfectly matched to the Midgets, the race progressed to lap 9 where it took 35 minutes and 8 restarts to complete that single lap. The fifty some odd extra pace laps emptied the cars of methanol, and of the eight cars that were running at the end about 5 of them were sputtering with no fuel at the pickups.

William had been running well in 4th, when the #5 started to run out and the Seymour #29 with Jeff Abold and Barry Kittredge's #21 slipped by. Scoring three top 7's in three races has put Will into
5th in the NEMA points standings.

The PowerPoint Racing #99 was back in action at Monadnock after missing the 5/10 Waterford race as the rebuild from the big crash was extended to insure the car was fully repaired.  Aaron recorded an 11th place after running out of fuel in the final laps as the cautions produced unheard of pace laps.

Aaron started in 9th and for much of the race was battling in the mid-group of cars and fighting the lack of grip on the main straight where the previous race group had dumped both rear end lube and antifreeze. On one of the restarts Aaron looped it right at the start finish line as the motor had enough power to just spin the wheels.

Having missed two of the four races to date, Aaron stands 21st in
the NEMA drivers points.

Waterford Speedbowl - Waterford, CT
May 10, 2008

After a rainout at Seekonk, the NEMA Midgets returned to action at the Speedbowl on Saturday, May 10th. With the temperature dropping as the day changed from a sunny afternoon to a cool evening, the challenge was to tune for track conditions. William started the feature from the sixth row in 12th place and worked the #5 up to 7th at the end of the 25 laps.  Three races into the season, William stands 7th in the points.

Aaron's #99 was in the final stages of repair from the hit and flip at the previous Waterford race and did not make the 5/10 race.

Waterford Speedbowl - Waterford, CT
April 12-13, 2008

On a tough race weekend disrupted by rain delays, William in the  Wall Motorsports #5 scored a fine sixth place finish in the 25 lap feature after starting from thirteenth. Qualifying Heat 1 on Saturday saw the #5 also post a sixth. After two events, Williams stands sixth in the NEMA points.

The #99 Power Point Racing/Marine Engines entry for Aaron faced first race shakedown problems after much hard work to finish and fit the new Mazda powerplant. Aaron DNF'd in Heat 2 on Saturday. Coming up from 18th spot on the starting grid on Sunday, Aaron was tagged from behind by another car and sent hard into the main straight armco barrier. The #99 suffered extensive damage and William had his bell rung pretty well but returned to college on Monday.

APRIL 5-6, 2008

The NEMA feature at the Icebreaker was suspended after a lap four crash in turn three took the life of NEMA regular Shane Hammond.

All participants in the Icebreaker including William and the #5 were
scored a fixed amount of 150 points.

Aaron's #99 took a pass on the event as the installation of the new Mazda powerplant continued.

William places 6th in Saturday's second heat.

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