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2008 Racing Season

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2009 Pit Shots


Sat.-Sun. October 10th-11th

The 2009 DAV Fall Classic

Two in Seekonk Victory Lane!
2nd for William, 3rd for Aaron

After a 2009 NEMA season filled with mechanical gremlins and crash damage, the Seekonk Speedway DAV Fall Classic was a great weekend for Wall Motorsports.Both Wall brothers made Victory Lane after the final laps of the 25 lap feature saw the #5 and #55 trying to chase down the 7ny of Adam Cantor.
From 3rd on the grid (the #30 was a DNS), William in the #5 battled Nokie Fornoro #4 and then Erica Santos #44 to take second 10 laps in.

Back in 9th starting spot, Aaron battled up to fourth by the second yellow for a spun out Chris deRitis in the #99.

Cantor jumped into the lead on the restart while Aaron moved past Santos. And the chase was on.

Loose off, Cantor said he 'tried babying in into three, but when I did it I could hear Will out there. I had to stay on it.'

'The right rear gave up the last couple of laps,' said Wall. 'I couldn't keep it on the outside. I needed a little more car.'
The bright smiles of the entire Wall family in Victory Lane showed how satisfying the race was after all the long hours and hard work.

Saturday, Sept. 5th - Monadnock Speedway

10th for the #5 and 20th for the #55

Saturday, August 15th

The Midget portion of the Speedbowl's open wheel "Wings & Wheels"
special show for 2009 will mainly be remembered for a multi-car heat wreck after a blown motor oiled the track and for another multi-car wreck at the start of the feature which was the result of some excessively aggressive driving. William in the #5 missed both disasters and once again followed the #4 of Nokie Fornoro to a 4th.
In only 5 starts for 2009, William has now posted 3 fourth place finishes, already topping one 4th place in 16 starts in 2008.
John DaDalt

Saturday, August 8th

William was back at Seekonk in the #5 for the Boston Louie Memorial after the rebuild from the July 15th Seekonk damage. The #5 seemed in fine shape since William recorded a lap of 11.216 sec. in the time trials which are a tradition for the Boston Louie. In groups of six cars running four timed laps, the only competitor to top William was Jeff Abold in the Seymour #29 who put down a 10.859. For the Louie the starting grid was determined by an inversion of the top 16 cars in the time trials. So William had his work cut out for him starting 15th.

At green the #5 starting picking off cars. The charge continued past
the #45 of Stoehr, the #47 of Cabral, the #7ny of Cantor and up to the tail of the #4 of Nokie Fornoro for a 4th place finish.

William received the Hard Charger Award for his efforts on a night when the Midgets were flying around Seekonk.

Wednesday, July 15th!
$10K to Win 100 Lap Open Mods Race
NEMA Midgets - Pro 4 Mods!

A tough night for William in the #5 NEMA Midget that lasted only till the third turn on lap one. Starting from fourth, William was right in the middle of the five-wide pack as they ran down the back straight after taking the green. Entering turn 3, the #5 was knocked completely sideways and then turned back forwards again. The multiple contacts left the #5 damaged and unable to continue.

"Fast Friday" - July 10th

A 5th place for William in the #09 Lite after a thrash to replace a broken rear axle.

John DaDalt Photos

Friday, June 26th

A 7th for William in the Jarret #4,
A Hard Hit for Aaron in the #55

The line-up was a little different for the Friday, June  26th, show at Lee USA Speedway. While Aaron was in the Wall Motorsports #55, William took over the Mike Jarret Motorsports #4 after usual driver
Nokie Fornoro called from PA to report he was down with the flu.

Although there was rain, some of it severe, all over New England, Lee managed to get the practices, heats, and features in for both the NEMA Lites and Midgets.

A lap one blown engine in the first Lites heat and next to no sweeping of the track surface, left speedy dry down low around most of the track for all the NEMA heats. Both Aaron and William posted mid-pack finishes in Heat #1.

Starting from 6th (William) and 10th (Aaron), the Walls fell into battles with groups of well-matched cars. William got around some of those starting in the front rows and then was passed those headed for the top four. The #4 scored a 7th place finish.

Aaron was running on a high line when the immediately car ahead slipped sideways, and Aaron went over it's rear wheel. The #55 went flew up the track for a hard hit into the wall between turns 1 and 2. Aaron got right out as the safety crew came to his aid. Inspection of the #55 back in the pits revealed extensive damage to the frame, both axles, wheels and suspension pieces, the headers, and possibly the right side engine head. The #55 recorded a DNF in 15th place.

"Fast Friday" - June 19th

A WIN for William at the
NEMA Lites Seekonk Opener

At the Seekonk "Fast Friday" opener for the NEMA Lites, William hopped into the #9 Hawk/Focus of Ron and Stephanie Doty to give it a sort out since they couldn't attend the race. After a clean of the injector nozzles, the #09 came to life and Will got some practice in during the Heat race. 19 Lites were on hand for the event.

From a second row starting spot, William moved into the lead and then into a battle with the #12 of Ed LeClerc Jr. A couple of yellows slowed the first part of the race, but after the pack settled down, the rest of the race flew by with some great close racing. Will moved by LeClerc when he suffered a tire problem a couple of laps from the checkers. A nice run for the #09 Lite.

Sat. May 23rd
3rd & 4th for
at the NEMA Season Opener!

The Wall Motorsports Hawke/Autocrafts were flying at Monadnock for the NEMA 2009 season opener! What a way to start the race year! Aaron in the #55 placed 3rd with the #5 for William in 4th.

William had won the first heat and started on the outside pole while
Aaron started in the 10th spot. William jumped into the lead at the green and paced the field for 17 laps and a couple of restarts.

The race winner Randy Cabral, in the Bertrand #47, was sitting third when William and Russ Stoehr (Angelillo 45), battling for the lead, tangled coming out of two, Stoehr winding up in the wall with heavy damage. The incident, which Cabral called �a racing accident� was �the turning point� of the race.

On the following restart Cabral swept by William into the lead. Mike Keeler in the #63 and Aaron in the blue numbered #55 battled by
William in the closing laps.


5 and 55 in 2009

For the 2009 racing season, Wall Motorsports will be campaigning two Hawk/Autocraft winged midgets in NEMA competition. William will again pilot the #5 while Aaron will race the #55.

The team has a couple of test runs under their belts, the latest being a run with both cars at Waterford Speedbowl on May 20th.

William has also had a chance to run Mike Jarret's #4 NEMA Midget at both Thompson Intl. Speedway and Seekonk Speedway.

William Wall Among
NEMA's Young Stars

Brockton, MA - Racing wise, things have always fallen into place nicely for William Wall. The 2008 Rookie of the Year, the 17-year old is one of the Northeastern Midget Association's brightest young stars.

So, when he says he'll 'take things as they come' in 2009, it's best to pay attention. NEMA opens its 17-race season Saturday night, May 23 at Monadnock Speedway.

'We're going to make as many races as we can,' says Wall. 'We'll run the tracks we believe we can do well at.' The team, headed up by father/owner Steve and including older brother Aaron, runs Autocraft-powered Hawk chassis. Aaron, three years older, is a student at the University of Connecticut.

The team is 'anxious to try some new stuff we've thought about over the winter.'

He was 'a little bit surprised' with his first-ever experience in a midget. Coming from Whip City Speedway ' he was the 270 Micro Sprint Champion in 2007 ' it was a learning process. His three top-fives came later in the season.

He and his dad wound up seventh in the respective standings. He had a very impressive fifth-place run at Seekonk's DAV.

'The hardest things was learning how to communicate back to the car owner,' says Wall, a junior at Assabet Valley Technical High School near his Shrewsbury, MA home. 'The Midgets are so technical, so tricky.'

Driver Adam Cantor, 'was a real big help all year ' as was car owner Mike Jarret 'who knows the right questions to ask a driver.' Cantor was part of the great young movement in 2001 that turned NEMA around. Engine builder Mike Seymour was also a big factor.

William followed Aaron into racing. 'Aaron wanted a go-kart but somebody suggested Quarter Midgets and that's the way it went,' he says. The family raced as far away as Indianapolis and Georgia but was basically mostly at Thompson's 'Little T' facility.

He moved to Whip City, spending a season in the 250 sprints before winning 270 Rookie honors two year ago. Still, he credits the Quarter Midget experience with helping make the transition to asphalt. 'Quarter Midgets are suspension cars and I could relate that to the full Midgets,' he explains.

It took a couple races to control the higher speeds ('Thompson is where you really feel it') that have become NEMA's trademark.

Studying welding, William 'hopes to advance' as a race driver but would also find satisfaction in a career working on racecars.

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